RSA Opening Minds

RSA Opening Minds in the classroom

RSA Opening Minds is not an ‘off the shelf’ curriculum. School leaders and teachers need to relate the competences to the context of their own school and to their vision for developing and educating their students. They need to listen to students’ views and ensure that that the competence based curriculum they develop and use reflects the broader priorities of the school. The detailed design of the curriculum should also ensure that subject content along with the competences is being embedded in schemes of work and lesson plans.

Opening Minds should, therefore, form a major component within a school’s Development Plan. By approaching the implementation of Opening Minds in this way many schools have found the process of reconstructing the school’s curriculum around the competence framework a major benefit: contributing to a curriculum that better fits their students’ needs, more effective school leadership and improved teaching and learning.

In an independent survey of teachers and senior leaders from Opening Minds schools, over nine out of ten teachers and senior leaders were ‘supportive’ of the programme – and three quarters of teachers and seven out of ten senior leaders were ‘very supportive’ of Opening Minds.  

Schools planning to implement Opening Minds will, as soon as they sign-up to become accredited, receive guidance, support and training from an RSA Opening Minds Training School. They will also receive an Implementation Guide and access to a library of resources such as examples of schemes of work, lesson plans, and assessment tools.