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RSA Opening Minds Award

If you have applied to become an RSA Opening Minds school and are using Opening Minds within your Key Stage 3 curriculum you might be interested in the RSA Opening Minds Award. This is an Award, developed in collaboration with ASDAN, which is competence based. It is a series of challenges which should enable and encourage your students to demonstrate their development of the Opening Minds competences. The challenges are grouped into the 5 competence domains:  Citizenship, Learning, Information, People and Situations.

The challenges are not curriculum specific therefore should be appropriate for any school using Opening Minds e.g. within the Managing Information section students could opt to: use a variety of websites or newspapers to compare different stories on the same topic; select the information you need to write your own article on the topic. Or, from Managing Situations: Choose a natural disaster, research it appropriately and then produce a news bulletin on the causes, effects and long-term consequences of the event.

There is a wide menu of choice within each section and schools can use the Award over a year or could choose to use it at the end of the year for example. It can be completed as homework assignments or done in class. The choice is yours.  If you are an ASDAN centre you will be able to draw down a certificate of completion for each student. The work is internally assessed and last year we organised a review meeting which was attended by all the schools trialling the Award so that we could informally moderate work across all the schools. This is not a requirement but it proved to be a very useful exercise.

The cost of the Award booklet is in line with all ASDAN qualifications, it costs £6 per student. Copies can be ordered direct from the RSA Academy.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Award or would like to order copies, please contact Lesley James at the RSA Academy:



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