RSA Opening Minds

Application process

Process for schools already practising RSA Opening Minds

It would be expected that a Training School would visit the applicant school twice.

The initial visit wil include:

  • Discussions with key staff and senior leaders about the role of Opening Minds in the school
  • Observation of a number of classes
  • A review school documentation related to Opening Minds e.g. policy documents and processes for curriculum leadership

Feedback will then be given to the school indicating where further developmental work would be needed to become accredited.  A traffic light sytem will be used as follows:

  • Green = the school meets criterion. It could be possible for a school to be assessed as ‘Green’ against all the criteria on the first visit – but this is expected to be the exception rather than the rule.
  • Amber = the school is well on the way to meeting criterion but some development is still needed (the nature of development needed to be explained and confirmed in writing on the form)
  • Red = the school does yet meet criterion and a significant amount of development is still needed (the nature of development will  be explained and confirmed in writing)

A second visit will made to the school allowing for an appropriate period for any requested developmental work to be implemented.  The second meeting would broadly follow the format of the first, with a focus on the development points raised. The expectation would be that following the second visit it would be possible to accredit schools.  

However, where a Training School considers it necessary it will need to indicate to the school being visited that further work (and visits) to develop Opening Minds is needed before accreditation is recommended.

Application process for schools new to RSA Opening Minds

For schools who have not yet developed an Opening Minds curriculum a Training School will make an initial visit to ‘walk through’ what is involved in becoming an Opening Minds school. This will also include taking the school through the guide on how to develop Opening Minds and the resource libary section of the RSA Opening Minds website.

The initial visit would be followed as soon as practical by the Training School providing two day’s training/immersion in Opening Minds development and practise for up to three staff.  By the end of the two days the aim would be for the school to have an agreed project plan and approach covering the scope and process for introducing RSA Opening Minds into its curriculum.

Following this visit the school would complete the accreditation application form and would follow the process for schools already practising Opening Minds, which entails two visits to the school to assess and advise on progress and culminating in a recommendation for accreditation. The format of these vists is detailed above.

As with schools already involved in Opening Minds there would be provision for further visits – if the Training School deemed these necessary.